Nokia Wireless Presenter

Nokia Wireless Presenter 2.0

It provides access to PC files with the help of wireless technology Bluetooth
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Nokia Wireless Presenter is a program which provides access to Windows files on your PC with the help of wireless technology Bluetooth. You can use Nokia Wireless Presenter to control your PowerPoint presentations, music players and other Windows applications. Simply install this software on your PC and your Nokia phone, to remote control the mouse and keyboard functions when doing presentations. You can use your mobile phone as a mouse with it. Moving slide from to slide using the phone as a remote control is so easy and you can also navigate the mouse within the desktop as a simple scrolling the phone’s navi key up and down. This feature works if your phone and laptop both have Bluetooth connectivity. Also you can install a software into your phone so it functions as a TV remote control. Wireless Presenter consists of two parts – PC application (available for download) and Presenter installed in Nokia phone. Wireless Presenter is a step forward to the two devices environment cooperation – PC and smartphone, the main tools in the everyday activity.

Julia Galygo
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  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Windows applications remote control
  • Small size
  • Free


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